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Greetings, friend of youth-made media, from “M.E.E.T.” the Media Educators Excellence Team! We proudly present —

The Northwest High School Film Festival!

  • to encourage and recognize the next generation of America’s media makers

  • and to promote media education in the region’s high schools


All films are professionally judged for creativity, filmmaking skills and story. This can be an excellent opportunity for post high-school media programs, and others to make contact with some of the area’s most promising, young, film, television, and web media makers. Be part of it! Publicize your program! Get to know who and how to best attract our future producers! Plus you can also connect with teachers, who often help guide their students toward the best post-high school opportunities! See the sponsorship options and benefits below and. We also encourage supporters to consider offering scholarships, prizes and other incentives to students. Thank you for your support!

MEET (Media Educators for Excellence Team) has been connecting the film and television programs in the Puget Sound region for over two decades. We host educator meetings, the Northwest High School Film Festival and the Puget Sound All Girls Film Challenge and Networking event. 


It takes both funding and hours of work to facilitate these events so we have worked hard to develop relationships with businesses and post-secondary educational institutions that share our mission. 


How you can help

Funding: We need to raise approximately $9,000 to cover the cost of the two events

* A typical donation ranges between $500-$1,000 per year. 100% of these funds go into the events. We can accept payment through checks or

Volunteer: We need judges for the Northwest High School Film Festival and women from the media industry for the All Girls Networking Event

In-Kind Donations: We need a venue we can host the awards film screening that holds 600-800 students


What we offer

Events: We recognize our sponsors on screen and can play a short commercial, on our event posters and many come to the events to distribute literature to the participants.

Show Reel Archive: We provide our teachers with video clips that contain the best videos from each category to use as teaching tools and will include your logo.

Websites: We recognize our sponsors on both of our event websites

• - largest high school film festival in Washington, 20 years old!

• - One of a kind event

•   We will need your logo, copy text and hyperlink

Please contact our sponsorship coordinator if you have any questions or would like to arrange for payment.

Joe Dockery 425-417-3024

Dean Kentala 206-979-1662

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