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Keycode Media is the preferred resource for audiovisual equipment, installation, and aftermarket support. We approach complex projects with a high-touch customer service focus, ensuring equipment is delivered, installed, and adopted by a customer successfully. Our solutions include: A/V (Conference Rooms, Lecture Halls, Classrooms, Video Walls, Collaborative Offices, City Council Chambers), Broadcast (Comm Systems, Flypacks, OB Truck, and Control Rooms), Production (Audio Suites, Video Edit Suites, and Networking).


“We want to empower the storyteller by making the tools transparent to use. This allows the focus to be on the story and not how to create it.”


Study film production and screenwriting at the most hands-on, 4-year film school in the Pacific Northwest! Digital Cinema at Southern Oregon University offers a gateway-free (no portfolio required for admission) BA or BS degree designed to serve students at any incoming skill level, preparing them for thriving careers in cinematography, editing, audio recording, production management, producing, and directing. The program also offers a Screenwriting Minor to support careers in story development and an interdisciplinary Certificate in Documentary Production for students who wish to change the world through visual storytelling.


Based in the idyllic valley community of Ashland, Oregon — rated by MovieMaker Magazine as a “best place to live and work as a movemaker” — SOU’s student filmmakers enjoy easy access to some of the world’s most diverse and cinematic landscapes for location shooting. Deserts, redwood forests, waterfalls, whitewater rivers, glacial peaks, Crater Lake, and the Pacific Coast all reside within an afternoon’s drive. Farms, vineyards, ranches, state and national parks, and city centers can all be found in short driving distances from one another, providing an endless variety of shooting backdrops for student filmmakers, and our campus Digital Media Center boasts a 1,000 sq.ft. production studio with green screen, an immersive virtual reality lab, a audio recording booth, a 20-station Mac lab with Adobe Creative Cloud, and an equipment room with free gear check-outs to students, including 4K cinema production packages. 

For more information, please visit or email us at

As the largest K through 12 tech distributor in the Pacific
Northwest, we help kids and teachers reach their highest potential.

The Department of Digital Technology and Culture is a home for digital innovation, bridging the worlds of creative production and the critical exploration of digital technology. 

Students delve into a multidimensional curriculum that includes web design, animation, graphic design, video production, augmented and virtual reality and game design. 

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