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More Festivals and Opportunities

Make sure you also spread your talent to these other opportunities!

Puget Sound All Girls Film Challenge

"Our goal is to give young women filmmakers in the Puget Sound area the opportunity to create films that showcase their perspective, juried by experienced women filmmakers and screened at high profile, high quality events that help to connect our students with women in the media industry."

This film challenge is also held by M.E.E.T., and is a chance for young women to showcase and receive recognition for their work, as well as meet and network with professional women in the media industry.

Visit their website here.

National Film Festival for Talented Youth

"The mission of NFFTY is to enable, nurture, promote and encourage the next generation of filmmakers to inspire, lead, and entertain the world with their stories."

NFFTY is a national film festival based in Seattle and is for filmmakers ages 24 and under. The festival is solely focused on highlighting the work of young filmmakers. You can learn more at their website here.

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