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Media Educators Excellence Team (M.E.E.T.)

The Northwest High School Film Festival is organized each year by the Media Educators Excellence Team (MEET). MEET seeks to support media teachers in Puget Sound regional high schools by hosting periodic meetings where teachers can share curriculum, get technical support and advice, and discuss best practices as we all strive for excellence in our classrooms. 

The Northwest High School Film Festival is organized through the tireless efforts of these MEET members in support of students engaging with and developing skill in this most vital communication tool of the 21st century. Countless volunteer hours are spent organizing all the moving pieces of fundraising, collecting judges, securing venues, producing publicity, organizing entries and presenting the awards. Our goal is to ensure that the experience of the festival is powerful, and meaningful for participating students who submit films for consideration, and for those who come to the screening to celebrate the work.



Mission Statement:
Media Educators Excellence Team (M.E.E.T.) is a group of school media teachers from the Puget Sound region who collaborate in order to share resources, curriculum, expertise, and best practices in an evolving media landscape.
MEET supports school media teachers in the region/area to expose their students to high-quality work made by other students, and promote a culture of understanding and support for school-based media programs.
MEET has 501©3 non-profit status and accepts donations


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